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An image says more than a thousand words. Here you will find films and trailers showing positive ways of transformation for the world and mankind. We also show clips depicting situations that need a change towards peace. When we change ourselves we change the world.


You will also find clips showing the idea and process of the peace trail. By sharing these you can get others involved easily.


There are also music clips with powerful songs to remind us of our resposibility for the earth and for peace. Please share these videos and clips with as many people as possible.



Lajos Sitas - Love Mother Earth

This is a Video of my song "Love Mother Earth" in a Version of 2012. It is now also remastered and avaialble on my latest album "Timeless Heart"

The video came out in 2013 and is produced and Edited by Kai Tittelmeier and their sons Jonas and Simon. All nature scenes were filmed by Jonas and Simon.

With this wonderful composition I'd like to send a loving energy to our wonderful planet earth. Because nature is our teacher!

"First let's understand nature and then copy it! (quote by V. Schauberger)

Loving Greetings, Lajos


Mehr von und über Lajos Sitas gibt es unter


And here are the lyrics of the song for you:

Love Mother Earth (21.03.2012, Lyrics/Music, Lajos Sitas)


Verse 1:
It's the time to understand
If we lose nature, life will end
Our hearts should beat as one
Together with the son
The father and the mother
Love Mother Earth


Verse 2:
It's a chance for us to heal
Children's dreams becoming real
Words are not enough to say
Just use your hands and play
Do the things that should be done
Love Mother Earth


Verse 3:
Keep in mind that life is now
It will turn out well somehow
There is hope for this blue star
We'll spread it near and far
The only act we'll do is
Love Mother Earth


Be the one aligned with trust
Build a bridge to love and lust
There's a guide above our hearts
The angels and the guards
Will bring us higher love
Fly high dear dove


Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, dooooo... 2x
Instrumental: ..... ...


Verse 4:
It's the time to understand (Oh, it's the time to understand )
That on us, all things depend
Thanks for being a dear friend
It's the time to take a stand
Our home, we have in hands
Love Mother Earth


Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, dooooo,
uh uh uh... 4x
It's in our hands, It's in our hands
It's our home, It's your home,
It's our home...



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